Psycho-Education Group Therapy for OCD

Why Group Therapy?

An opportunity to start the therapy process in a group format and get to work quicker at learning to fight back OCD before you start your individual sessions or add to your treatment. A chance to understand what this is, early stage tools and methods to help you implement proven coping strategies, and recognize that you are not alone in dealing with OCD. In Group Therapy you will also have the chance for interpersonal learning through other people’s experiences who are living with OCD, their challenges, successes and shared insights.

Foremost this is about a fit for you and your wellness and treatment. Group Therapy can be very rewarding for those that are interested. On our initial individual meeting, if interested, I will work with you to assess your fit to this type of treatment and we can discuss whether this is of interest to you and the availability. 

Since the nature of group therapy sessions is one of openness and conversation, it will be important that all members are wiling in maintaining confidentiality and an element of privacy regarding who is in the group and what is shared. Group therapy is most effective if members feel that they can share their experiences in a safe and private environment. 

What is the treatment?

The goal of group treatment is to provide you with the needed tools to begin the process of CBT and get you ready to start your own individual ERP treatment. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is the gold standard when treating OCD and Anxiety Disorders. Each session builds on the previous and involves a clear process effectively administering Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment. Prior to the actual implementation of ERP it is necessary to understand the science behind the treatment and obtain the necessary treatment tools. 

This psycho-educational group will focus on educating you about OCD and introduce you to the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

What to expect


Session 1

Understanding OCD as a neurobiological disorder such that you will understand the rationale for the CBT/ERP treatment

Session 2

Introduction of necessary tools to implement OCD – beginning to individualize your own treatment

Session 3

Explanation of evidence-based treatment of OCD  - What is ERP?

Session 4

What you need to know to be ready to implement ERP in your upcoming individual sessions

How often would we meet?

Meeting weekly for 4-5 weeks in a small intimate group setting after meeting with me to determine if you are a good fit for a group. 

Group size will be limited to 4 members at this time  


At our offices:

Suite 102, 7370 Sierra Morena Blvd SW  Calgary, Alberta

Parking is free either in the front lot or on the street in frontof the building